Geo Killer Black, the new ready to use water based black ink.

GEO KILLER BLACK: the true black expression comes to life!
Geo Killer Black is the new black water based ink specifically developed by Virus laboratories to give the printer a ready to use ink with an excellent shade of black and a great color saturation. Easy to be printed, shows an enviable washing resistance for long lasting results.
Geo Killer Black is designed to print on cotton where it ensures unbelievably smooth, soft touch printing with a matt finishing  and a clean uniform tract.

GEO KILLER BLACK enriches itself with the fiber mat-down function.
Thanks to its peculiar function fiber mat-down is particularly suitable on the toughest cotton yarns subject to fibrillation.
Geo Killer Black tears down the fabric fibers giving back a smooth and compact printing that prevents the fibers to lift up after washing avoiding the risk of fading the image.

GEO KILLER BLACK: performs in all kind of printing conditions.
Print it using a 48 or 62 threads/cm (123 or 158 threads/inch) mesh count screen to get perfect flat backgrounds. For thin tracts or soft shades is recommended the use of a screen at 90 threads/cm (230 threads/inch) mesh count.
The “no dry” feature makes it highly stable in the screen, easy to be printed even in particularly warm working environments.
Geo Killer Black complies with the strictest ecological restrictions: PVC, phthalate, formaldehyde, heavy metal free, it’s Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1 certified.

  • PRODUCT: ready to use black ink
  • PRINTING TECHNIQUE: spot color process
  • FABRIC TYPES: 100% cotton
  • Compliance: pvc, phthalates and formaldehyde free
  • Certification: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I

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