more than 40 years in screen printing

Our history

Pioneer of water-based technology, Virus formulates and produces new generation water based inks since 2005 able to meet the high quality standards required by the market thanks to the superior performances and simplified printing techniques. Eco sustainable products and procedures to give life back to the Planet and future to the sector.
Where there is water there is life.  Print Life!

  • 1970

    The beginning

    A history made of passion for the textile screen printing sector has started. It requires huge specialization to make high quality a reachable and exportable feature. It takes research and innovation together with specialization in the textile screen printing field with specific knowledge in color separation and screens preparation.

  • 1980

    From the Italian style to the globalization

    For a sector that wants to overcome its own borders, creativity and excellent taste need technical excellence of products and equipment. Requires commercializing the best international brands of the sector to overcome the technical limits and face new entrepreneurial perspectives.

  • 1990


    Technical innovation, experimentation and new professional competences are the new priorities of the sector. Timing and effectiveness are  the new key factors involved in the competition. The inner lab arises (innovation center) where highly performing products are formulated, more and more sophisticated inks are designed, new special effects for the fashion sector are proposed.

  • 2005

    Virus fulfils itself

    After 30 years of experience and an impelling request of ecological unsatisfied requests, the idea of a “no conventional” ink in terms of technology and high performances comes true in a range of outstanding water-based inks. Virus inks are the result of years of thought, research and experimentation, technical experience and knowledge, entirely  dedicated to the textile screen printing.

  • 2008

    Virus is more and more contagious

    The target is to optimize the investments and spread the new generation of water-based inks. Virus pursues it by opening to new international cooperation and being the mouthpiece of Company synergies able to support the commercial expansion.

  • 2010

    A new manufacturing facility

    Not only research and development but also a brand-new vanguard manufacturing facility to make inks faithful to the Virus application concepts and its philosophy focused on  new solutions for the textile screen printing and not only merely on  products. A demanding turning point  for the competitiveness challenge.

  • 2013

    Virus is more and more liked

    The market confirms the interest for the ecological Virus inks considered highly performing and able to meet the most demanding standards according with the strictest regulations.  The manufacturing capacity increases while quality and range completeness are optimized.

  • 2014

    Virus is an international reality

    Virus is by now an international reality and identifies in The USA one of the most interesting market in terms of demanded standards and care for eco-sustainability. Find Virus dealers in the world.

  • 2015

    4YOU project

    Virus reconsiders the old four color process and reviews its criterions to offer the textile screen printing a procedure that guarantees print photographic and  polychromatic brightness of colors. 4YOU project spreads widely thanks to the high printing quality, the simplified procedures and the new online color separation service.

  • 2016

    Virus USA rises

    Virus brings to America its 40 years of experience in the textile screen printing . Usa Inc. arises; an American Company with the aim of spreading the Italian knowledge and talent concerning the textile screen printing in the Unites States. Virus opens its offices in Miami and arranges a fully supplied warehouse in New York together with a well organized logistic center.

  • 2017

    The revolution of WOW® technology

    Virus launches the new water-based inks with WOW® technology to print CMYK or simulated process wet on wet with the greatest simplicity and guaranteed results. A revolution for the sector. No more flash units in between with great advantages in terms of costs restrain and production increase. A new opportunity for the printer who can finally use smaller and less expensive equipment.