Sustainability is for us a basic criterion of life; this is the reason why we are committed to satisfy the market and customers needs with a careful eye on the environment and the future of next generations.


Virus® is the pioneer of ecological sustainable water based inks. Sustainable in terms of the raw materials choice and the care of the entire production process. Sustainability is an integral part of our innovation strategy: every  day we update our manufacturing processes  and we reconsider the raw materials involved to achieve the targets of sustainability including the ones of our customers. 
We have set ambitious targets for the safety, the health, the respect and the protection of the environment.

Product Stewardship

We are committed to support our customers in their job giving sustainable and safe solutions.
In formulating and manufacturing our inks, we apply suitable procedures to guarantee a solid social environmental stewardship.  .
The inks we manufacture contain exclusively components suitable to the current   compliance requirements, included the strictest quality and safety standards required all over the world.
All the raw materials used in the manufacturing process are treated according to the REACH European Regulation.

Energy & Emissions

Virus® is committed to protect the environment and the people by preserving the natural resources and preventing pollution while ensuring safety at work and the energy efficiency of its manufacturing plants.
We are constantly committed to reduce energy consumption and emissions of our manufacturing facilities.
For our customers we design and propose applicative solutions in order to achieve a remarkable energy saving and containment of waste.

recycled materials

Nowadays the pollution generated form plastic is still a widespread problem.
We are committed to play our part in solving it by using recycled materials for our containers and packaging.
Furthermore, the digitalization process of all Company’s areas has allowed us to get rid off the major part of paper documentation, speeding up the processes and reducing the physical space of the archive.

water waste management

The water waste management gets the utmost care.
The rainwater collection system reduces the cost of the water taken from the aqueduct.
The flowmeters monitor the incoming and outgoing water during the manufacturing process in order to optimize its consumption.
The washing water of the screen washing line and equipment are purified from any chemical and organic residue in order to be used for next washings or during production performances.