Virus make very natural, realistic “vintage”, worn out effects interacting directly with the fabric. The great innovation of reverse technique is exploiting the spontaneous filter of the different fabric structure to absorb the light/dark of color.

GEO GIPSY WHITE solves the critical points of this technology with precise balance: "how" ink goes from one fabric side to another and "how much" ink should go through. The right concentration of Wetting Hydra is the result of Virus laboratories constant research and daily experimentation.

"Reverse" printing is a reality on clear fabrics, Virus makes it possible on dark fabrics as well.
GEO GIPSY WHITE, in fact, overcomes even the obstacle of letting the clear inks, rich of white thus less porous, go through dark fabrics, becoming the first and maybe the only water based ink able to perform the "reverse" technique on all kinds of fabric color base.

  • PRODUCT: pigmentable base for "reverse printing" on dark fabrics
  • PRINTING EFFECT: vintage look
  • FABRIC TYPES: 100% cotton
  • Compliance: water-based, pvc-free, non-phthalate, formaldehyde-free
  • Certification: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Classes I

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