WOW DAYS: three days to present the innovation of wet on wet printing with the new water based Virus inks to the American professional of the printing industry.

After the great success in Europe Virus amazes the American market as well during WOW DAYS, the event specifically designed to present oversea the revolution of wet on wet printing with water based Virus inks.  
Three intense days at M&R headquarters in Roselle where we hardly tested the new WOW® technology water based inks with live wet on wet printing performing any kind of techniques (4 color process, spot color and simulated process ) involving printers, dealers and leaders of the printing industry.

WOW®: wet on wet screen printing revolution.

While attendees were astonished by seeing the machines without the usual drying units for intermediate color flashing, we demonstrated live that printing 8 colors wet on wet in sequence with no use of flash units achieving a perfect constant results is possible.
All that implies important benefits in terms of reduced energy consumption and down time with a tangible increased productivity.

WOW technology blew even the most expert professional’s mind.

We are proud of getting the declaration of esteem expressed by the most experienced technicians of the printing industry as well as by the small printers who see in WOW technology an useful opportunity to be applied in their daily job.

“I've been involved with a lot of tech innovation in the screen printing industry for almost 45 years. In that time I've seen four or five truly innovative developments that have had a mega impact. Today was one of those days. Virus wet on wet water base inks for textiles are going to send a shockwave through the industry. This is the single greatest innovation since the invention of plastisol in 1958. I feel so fortunate to have been here in Chicago for the US unveiling of the inks at the M&R training center.
I cannot describe the superiority of the prints with just one flash and ZERO set off or color loss on the next eight colors. They aren't going to be able to make this fast enough.”

Mark A. Coudray

 “So what do you think would happen if this were plastisol? We've all been there. Water Base Inks are able to be ironed and dry cleaned. So high end, fashion garments are also printable. No more skirting around the image with an iron, no more hand wash only."
Joe Catizzone

WOW® range in now available!

WOW® range of inks is available at Virus dealers in its CMYK version (ready to use inks) and CLEAR base as well to print both halftone and vector prints in the simplest way with guaranteed outstanding results.
The proposal is enriched and completed by an online color separation service specifically calibrated for Virus inks at low cost together with the Mixing System made to create color formulas online for the quantity of ink desired.

Ask for your WOW® trial kit and start printing wet on wet!
You can secure your WOW KIT by filling in the form at the following link

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