The new elegance is casual.
Casual, the minimalist and simple  mood only in seeming: a contemporary outfit based on the delicate balance among fabrics, wearability and decorative details on which printing effects stand out.
Young , metropolitan, versatile look , basic and sporty,  casual style becomes elegant.

New style codes: new challenges for the textile screen.

Contemporary  fashion wear is full of challenges for the textile screen printing.
The "worn-out effect" has always been a style code belonging to the causal  mood thus much graphic work has been dedicated to its more or less realistic reproduction on the most comfortable fabrics and sporty shapes. With the stylistic evolution enlivened by a crossover spirit and a strong visual impact, the casual style demanded a technical evolution to textile screen printing as never seen before.

GEO GIPSY WHITE & CLEAR: the revolutionary water-based ink.

Virus wins the challenge by changing the printing approach.
Virus water-based inks go beyond the limits of "ruined" graphics by directly  interacting  with the fabric. A revolution: capitalizing on the spontaneous filter of the different fabric weft to absorb the color light and shade, has generated a very natural and realistic worn-out effect.
Nowadays "reverse" printing is a fashion requirement and a resource for textile screen printing.

GEO GIPSY WHITE : "reverse" even on dark under-bases.

"Reverse" is a reality on clear under-bases. For Virus so it is on dark under-bases as well.
GEO GIPSY WHITE overcomes the obstacle of letting go the clear inks, rich of white and therefore less porous, through dark fabrics, becoming the first, and perhaps the only, water-based ink able to perform the "reverse" technique on all kind of under-base color. 

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