When a training hogs the limelight!
5th–6th March: Swedish work a lot in their free time. 

It has been taught  us by our guests from the Scandinavian countries, accompanied in Italy by Mr. Christer Karebrand from Club Shop: very advanced and accurate professionals  as well as friendly, cheerful and captivating  people!

A positive vision because culturally open minded.
Certainly more farsighted compared with the printers of the “Old Europe”, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish textile operators look at innovation with truly constructive enthusiasm. Together we worked a lot on Pantone colours simulation  mixing formulas and we created a range of opaque colours specifically requested for standard productions in their markets.

Between true story and hard work: the constructive pleasure of sharing.
True stories, shared experiences, problems and solutions to problems, brought the members of the group much closer.

Particularly thrilling have been the job done with “transfer” inks and the in- depth analysis of the application techniques from which new ideas for inks and interesting potentialities came to light. 

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