27th -28th -29th March 2014: Virus flies to England.

Dave Roper: our "non conventional" dealer.

30 years of experience in the field, 4.000 square feet of operating space in Kidderminster divided in a show-room, a workshop and a warehouse for textile printer industry, Dave surely isn't a conventional seller. He tests the products in his laboratory, trains his customers on the right use of water based ink technology and, above all, he keeps wanting to know and deepen all matters.
Dave Roper website > http://daveroper.co.uk

The United Kingdom: a demanding market and a capable distributor.
Dave knows its market very well and doesn't leave anything to chance when it comes to introducing Virus: technology, products and services have been intensely mixed during the workshop at the end of March. Dave's target is not the one of selling  products but experience, training, entrepreneurial culture and new opportunities of competitiveness.

A partner in perfect sync with Virus philosophy and Mission.
50 printers in a laboratory equipped by Dave with a 12 colours automatic screen printing press, 14 Sportsman EX stations, 2 lamps intermediate flash cure units, a 6 colours Chameleon manual screen printing press and a Fusion electric screen printing conveyor dryer.

Virus gave its best winning over the participants.
Virus led and shared the printing path of an 8 colours subject on an automatic screen printing press with only 2 cure units. But it's on the manual screen printing press that the show of Virus performances kept everybody with bated breath!

Discharge Plus Base, Discharge Special Plus White, Perfetto White a Clear, Sahara (Self Cracking effect), Hydra Glittering Base e Hydra White 120 E, the actors of a very productive workshop.

Dave Roper and Virus persuaded the printers.
Well impressed with Hydra water based ink stability on screen, the printers have appreciated the wide range of professional products available and applauded our Mixing System: 7.500 formulas usable also on-line!
Learn more about Mixing Sytem, online formulation > CLICK HERE

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