Daily fashion: fashion clothes moments of life.
Big and small moments. Conversations, images, sounds. The composed energy of work, the free one of downtime and the explosive one of sport.
Fashion accompanies us in these experiences becoming part of those moments. It does it by letting us free to choose the style among fabrics, new and innovative colors and printings, able to let us being nobody else than ourselves.

Beyond “trend” , fashion becomes innovation by looking for new fabrics.

The added value of textile screen printing.
Textile screen printing has an important role in enhancing our "moments of life". Adds beauty to comfort, colour to practical wear, style to sport.
Full of special effects, approaches the new fabrics by creating inks able to interact with fresh natural fibers as well as with bold synthetic ones.

Virus: beyond “news”, the real change of innovation.

Virus, the experience and the innovation.
Precursor of inks for synthetic fibers, Virus Hydracryl is a range of acrylic inks of new generation but of great experience. Still to this days leader of continuous printing it's the most recommended to textile screen printing thanks to the print efficiency and the effectiveness in durability. 

HYDRACRYL WHITE/CLEAR/OPAQUE: long lasting quality.

HYDRACRYL and PERFETTO: free to choose !
Polyvalent and high performance, Perfetto is Virus water based ink able to print on every kind of fabric with technical precision and soft touch.
High quality acrylic Hydracryl white/clear/opaque, ensures perfect proven long lasting printings. It's instantly identifiable its smooth and even finishing that highlights the “film” effect, typical of these kind of inks.

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