After 30 years of experienced research and experimentation fully dedicated to the textile screen printing field, at the beginning of the year 2000 our Company decided to offer a qualified training support holding workshops that involved highly qualified professionals; those seminars truly enhanced the performing skills of the attendees involving the most famous representative of the textile screen printing sector and world famous leaders. Together we understood that innovation must be cultural before being technological.

That perspective became a mission for us and the inspiration for a future that was approaching very fast.
Virus nowadays is a reality known at international level but we believe it’s important to share a “revival” of those moments taken from an old paper version issued newsletter of that time. We consider it an essential part of the textile screen printing sector characterized by high quality in fact.

Among the main protagonists: Mr. Mark Coudray (well known guru and former Sgia President), Mr. Rich Hoffman (CEO of The M&R Companies and icon of the sector), the Newman Roller Frame leaders and other people from Nazdar (an important UV inks manufacturer).
All gathered in an influential training seminar hold at our headquarter with in common great passion for the sector and the will to make the difference. 

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