Virus Garage Custom is the travelling textile screen printing laboratory where is carried out the decoration of the garment, even the most extreme one, by using high performance ecologic inks and textile screen  printing procedures suitable to the new needs of a market that evolves at a very high speed.
Virus Garage Custom is a unique event where each textile screen printer can find products, solutions and exclusive printing experiences.
The first layover is Long Beach - California, during ISS Expo that will take place from 18th to 20th January 2019.

Nowadays the Garment Decoration Industry scene is extremely fragmented. 

The eco sustainable revolution of the Fashion Business has been defined a “change of paradigm” that has made very fast progresses during the last years with a speed and pervasiveness that took many professionals of the sector by surprise.
The Brands of the apparel industry are more and more oriented towards the Fast Fashion, a trend that accelerates the consumption time of the items of clothing (also due to the speed of the e-commerce nature) thus encouraging production patterns aimed to manufacture small lots in a short time.  
The renewal of the proposals is very fast imposing a pace that is so different from the seasonal one to which we were used during the previous decades. 

Shopping has turned into and impulsive act, the cycle of life of the clothing items has gotten shorter and to the users is offered the opportunity to choose among an almost infinite range of customized solutions.
Nowadays,  considering also the difficulties of a system that hasn’t acquired the needed skills yet, the design of quality items of clothing goes together with the research of sustainable solutions able to reduce the impact on the environment and to speed the production time. This orientation concerns both the most famous brands and the small innovative ones.

The new scenarios don’t effect only socially and culturally but they constantly impact the production change.

The protagonists of the garment decoration are pushed by the Brands to shorten production and delivery time of the products while the orders are more and more often about smaller print runs. 
Style variations and colors required increase together with the most trendy special effectsComplex drawings and photographic images are by now regularly part of the clothing decoration and the printers are obliged to find technological, applicative, organizational solutions able to fulfill those needs.

Sustainability, production speed and continuous experimentation can only be supported by a great mastery of the textile screen printing techniques and the use of high performing water-based inks.
The role of the textile screen printer will change more and more from executor to planning partner to customize the clothing item within slim and sustainable productive logics.   

Virus® is at the side of the textile screen printers with the most evolved ecological range of inks on the market.

Virus® inks are able to reduce consumptions, waste, energy and to optimize the equipment thanks to the patented wet on wet technology.
All that increases competitiveness, reduces the costs and optimizes productive sustainability!
That of Virus® is a constant commitment  to democratizing the customization of the item of clothing through the textile screen printing.

Furthermore in 2018 we implemented the first international Master of the professional textile screen printing thought for Companies that wish to evolve the knowledge and the management of the water based printing on automatic and not automatic machines so that they can play a key role in the new Decoration Apparel industry (more info on

Virus® gives value to the sustainability by selecting raw materials with less environmental impact, by analyzing the workings to identify the weaknesses of the manufacturing process with particular care to consumptions, wastage and the environment in order to create competitive and sustainable solutions. 
From our perspective sustainability has never been a limit to creativity but an input to think out of the box bringing new values to the productive process. 

Virus Garage Custom will open the doors to American screen printers at ISS Expo.

At ISS Expo in Long Beach we’ll open the doors of Virus Garage Custom to all insiders and the American textile screen printers. 
In one day only and one printing machine only, our technicians will show you how it’s  possible to easily print with 11 different kinds of ink simulating micro-productions with relative printing techniques. 
We are looking forward to meeting you at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center at our booth #1613 from 18th to 20th January 2019.

Get your ticket by entering the following marketing code: MRCOMP (CLICK HERE)

Virus Garage Custom
January 18 - 20, 2019
Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center
booth n. 1613

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