Virus Garage Custom is the travelling textile screen printing laboratory where is carried out the decoration of the garment by using high performance ecologic inks and textile screen printing procedures suitable to the requirement of a market that evolves at maximum speed. 
Virus Garage Custom is a unique event where each textile screen printer can find products, solutions and exclusive printing experiences.
After the ISS Expo in Long Beach, Virus Garage will stop at Fespa Munich that will take place from 14th to 17th May 2019.

Nowadays the market of Garment Decoration is very fragmented. 

The eco-sustainable revolution in the fashion sector has been defined as “a clear change of paradigm” that in recent years progressed very rapidly at a speed and pervasiveness that took many insiders by surprise.
The major Brands, due also to the speed of the e-commerce, are more and more oriented to the “fast fashion”, a trend that accelerates the consumption of the items of clothing encouraging manufacturing patterns that aim to the ability of producing small lots in short term.
The variants of style and colors increase and the special effects will be more and more trendy.
The renewal of the proposal becomes more frequent and needed; products and machines will have to ensure the best manufacturing performances and flexibility. Consumption control, reduction of energy used will be a reality only if support quality and competences. 

The new scenarios are not creating only cultural and social effects but they have a great impact also on the production chain. 

The executive role of the printer will be transformed into planning partner for the customization of the garment and the slim, effective, determined and innovative manufacturing logics. 
Sustainability, versatility, fast production and continuous experimentation can be supported only by a great mastery of the textile screen printing techniques and the use of high performance water based inks.
For the above mentioned reasons Virus wanted to recreate an imaginary Garage full of real contents based on experimentation and sharing of experiences,  able to generate enthusiasm and passion supported by technical knowledge, crucial factors to relaunch a sector that is heavily flattened to competitiveness detriment. 

Virus Garage Custom will open the doors to European screen printers at FESPA München.

At FESPA EXPO Virus technicians will show you  how to managed 11 different subjects printed with 11 different inks in only 7 hours of work, considering the difficulties connected to the restricted conditions of an exhibition. 
We are looking forward to meeting you from 14 to 17 May 2019 at the Messe München, Germany.

Virus Garage Custom
May 14 - 17, 2019
Messe München, Germany 
Hall A6 - Stand D-18

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