"Sport Club" fashion and  Sport "always in style".

Sport has officially climbed on catwalks and fashion designers has gone down the athletic tracks.
Shorts and sweatshirt, t-shirt and  technical fabric jackets, neoprene and hoods appear on  mini-dresses. Shorts are worn with technical fabric loose sweaters complete with knee pads or elbow guards.
Sport competition refers to the greatest stylists to design uniforms and accessories for the various disciplines. Sport wears a new elegance made of  functional fabrics, distinctive lines, energetic colors and  "demanding" printings.

Cotton and polyester play on the same team.

The States ask the textile screen printing for  more answers using  less products.
In the States where cotton and polyester live together on the playing  field and in daily life, textile screen printing inks need a greater quality in terms of versatility and universality.
Not an easy challenge: on the one hand the great difficulties involved in printing on synthetic fabrics demand further adhesion requirements together with washing and rubbing resistance and on the other hand there’s the need of  undeniable softness that natural fabrics demand

Resistance or softness? 

Virus answers with a "non-conventional" research.
Virus knows that the stiffness  of high resistance acrylic inks is not able to meet the requirements implied by the major sport brands such as personality, distinction, style and feeling.
"Elegance" is the imperative that Virus pursues looking for new combinations of components to satisfy the need of resistance as well as softness and wearability.  

PERFETTO CLEAR-WHITE: resistance and softness!

PERFETTO CLEAR-WHITE: only one product for many fabrics.
After neverending tests with different combinations, Virus has reached a balance of components, performances and results that during the last test made exclaim: "Perfetto!"
Perfetto clear-white is the only one product to print on different kind of fabrics in a "perfect" way. Quality, versatility, universality and timing that have persuaded the States!

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