Fashion looks back at the past to see the future.
The years of  “touch and run” trends are over thus fashion draws its colors, shapes and textures from history to give the consumer the reassuring taste of “timeless” items. The 60’s are back with their unmistakable “A” silhouette shape. The “bon ton “ style of the 50’s and the “Charleston” dresses of the unique 20’s appear again. Vintage inspires while contemporary solutions look to the future: new fabrics, new raw materials and new prints.

VINTAGE: a very modern technological challenge.

Textile screen printing recreates  “worn out” effects using  modern technologies.
Starting with the “crack” effect!
Its undeniable dull sound, its rough touch and the unique chink effect.
The textile screen printer, though, must take into consideration more than one complexity: the crack is possible thanks to the stiffening of the ink surface, inevitably thick and solid.
The resulting crumple of the surface impoverishes the colors and doesn’t allow to pass the aesthetic and endurance tests required by the market.

HYDRA CRACKING WHITE: the “crack” that doesn’t crumble.

Virus takes up the challenge looking for “non-conventional solutions”
While many surrender to the cracking technical unsustainability, Virus’s research and development laboratory creates HYDRA CRACKING WHITE, the water-based ink that "cracks" allowing to manually "break" the surface vertically, horizontally on in both directions.

HYDRA CRACKING BASE: the “crack” that doesn’t require manual procedures.

Virus makes an undeniable pleasure accessible.
The standardization needs require the removal of the manual phases usually  adopted during the printing process.
HYDRA CRAKING BASE is the version colorable with pigments and breakable under flash by a heat shock. Versatile and high- performing, Hydra Craking water-based ink permits the reproducibility of high quality aesthetic results able to pass the most strict tests.

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