The evening dress,
 synonymous of elegance and refinement.
Protagonist of the most prestigious red carpet and the most exclusive events, the evening dress is still the undisputed dream of every woman.
Long and flowing with a hint of retro style, in full black minimalist geometries or in golden touch like the one of a famous fragrance and its gorgeous testimonial, the evening dress requires the best performance of any stylist.

VIRUS: new professional challenges.

Textile screen printing in evening dress.
For the most demanding aesthetic models, textile screen printing combines inks, technologies and application techniques to give the best of it during the most special occasions. Distinguishing tracts together with modernity and actual beauty have influenced so much the competition of the sector.
New combinations arise: glitter lives together with metals, shining effects and three-dimensional chiaroscuro that merge, very fine decorations and tangible shades forever together.

HYDRA ECO SUPERSTAR: new aesthetic models?.

HYDRA ECO SUPERSTAR: Virus elegance and refinement. 
Behind the backstage of such an innovation there is Virus Laboratories research for pure beauty; water based inks that are not conventional especially when facing difficult tasks.
Eco Superstar was born specifically to refine the glitter granularity and improve the brightness of metallic components.
And what is the result? The change to join very fine details to the printing of special effects for a combination of technical performances unthinkable up to now: reflective effect and metallic brightness, glitter shimmer and shining, enhanced depth of chiaroscuro, flowing shades, neat and clean lines, defined profiles and details worthy of expert goldsmiths.

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