This is a difficult moment for textile screen printers, confused by globalization and by new competition factors they are also disoriented by their own market that doesn't face but postpones the conversion, needed by now, from plastisol products and technology to "water based" printing.
Thus, they become stagnant in a unsuitableness feeling towards the new requests of quality and eco-sustainability that press not only the screen printing sector.

The first textile screen printers were pioneers of 
applicative techniques for water based printing.

But it’s in hard times that screen printing found its way.
Nothing less easy than the second world war!
The advent of the t-shirt led off the modern screen printing as well.
Adopted by the American Army already in the 40s, was the cinema that lifted up the basic t-shirt to "the in thing" exporting them all over the world.
It was back then that the water based printing of the most precious fabrics became the spark and the motivation to find the way to decorate t-shirts by using textile screen printing techniques.

The first textile screen printers were pioneers of applicative techniques for water based printing.
The first develop and research laboratories were born back then in the manufacturing companies.
The first water based inks implied the use of at least 5 components that the printer dosed and modulated accordingly to specific needs.
Without proper machines, printers invented personal printing systems and rudimentary applicative procedures only thanks to their creativity and skills. 


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