SOLD-OUT at the Mastering Water-Based Ink Tecnologies.
17th – 18th September, Fairfax (Virginia).
SGIA offers solutions to support the future of textile screen printing and the operators react with a “sold out” at the dedicated seminary.  

Water based technology: Virus informs.

And it does it as a pioneer and an expert by showing, with its water based inks, how is possible to keep quality reducing costs to the all advantage of eco sustainability.
Beppe Quaglia doesn’t only talk about inks. Printing procedures, screens selection, squeegees and their angles,  tiny and huge technical hints, critical issues and how to overcome them are all part of his deep and interactive training.   

"We have learnt a lot. "

That what Mrs Monica Vrankin of  Legal Athletic says, but is the same thing that the printers say as well as the technical directors, the production in charges who accepted with great enthusiasm the invitation at SGIA to deepen the knowledge of a new printing technology, the water based one, able to satisfy the quality standards required in a simple and effective way . 
A sustainable technology for the Enterprise and the environment and inks able to guarantee a future to both. 

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