From fashion shows to accessories the word of the moment is shining.
Fashion enters into fiction among futuristic materials, stratospheric textures and lunar details. Lamé fabric comets and milky ways of glitter spread on the sidereal black of space.
Silver, gold and sequins: bright details on dresses and accessories as well as iridescent glances and glittered skin. The party look contaminates everyday life lighting up the daily look.

VIRUS: the right binder exists.

Textile screen printing: from inks to prints, the word of the moment is shining.
Textile screen printing gets ready to show off the shining look by choosing very carefully products and application procedures.
Glitter is not new in the sector but it’s even more difficult to choose the right binder able to keep many shiny particles to prevent  the spread of bright fragments all over the fabric.
What is needed is a performing binder as far as grip is concerned but light and impalpable.

Space age: Hydra Glittering.

HYDRA GLITTERING: intense but light, the word of the moment is shining.
Virus laboratories formulated a firm binder able to keep together glitter particles; strong in keeping a greater percentage of them but, at the same time, very light touch and invisible on the print. Hydra Glittering, thanks to the low solid content, completely withdraws after polymerization allowing the greatest shining to glitter particles for a three dimensional shimmer, space age from any point of view!

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