Also  Europe experiences the pressure of the most important international brands demanding  ecological sustainability, durability and compliance with printing standards. In the old continent as well the environmental rules have become stricter and require a change to the screen printing sector that can’t be postpone. Our Polish distributor, API, is well trained and has been proposing water based  Virus Inks products as a tool to make a positive turn for  the future of the sector. 

API POLAND - 7th/8th  OCTOBER 2015.

"A very intense meeting, full of interest and curiosity that go beyond the product".
Paolo Natali, Virus export manager, summarizes as follows his two days with the Polish screen printers who had the chance to see  first hand  the quality of the 4 colour printing on black garment and were astonished by its simplicity.
"They have immediately understood the importance of getting off on the right foot" goes on Paolo "and they have really appreciated very much our colour separation service  4YOU".


"While I was printing they asked me many questions and it was so fulfilling  answering right on the spot with  the machine running.   Practical answers are the best, you'll never forget them".
Omar Pezzali is the technical in charge of Virus  R&D laboratory of Virus inks and brought in Poland his experience and his believe. "Four colour separation, trust me, reduces costs and improves printing performances simplifying the screen printer's life". Polish screen printers were fascinated. 


"Fascinated and enthusiastic" points out Paolo "four screens for the  photographic printing and the chance to add all special effects you desire since you have saved so many screens".
"And what a printing! We used HYDRA PROCESS HC, inks that ensure high definition inch, and demonstrated how our PERFETTO line is really perfect  on cotton and polyester". 
Omar highlights: "Sure, such a performing products aren't rustled up... how many years Paolo? Well…right…10 years already but Virus inks are always an innovation."
All that is achievable also thanks to distributors like  API POLAND who believes in water based technology and a constant training for a feasible future. 


The positive  feedback confirms that the direction taken is the right one.
Lukasz Kozlowski, Api Sales Representative, says goodbye this way: “We are enthusiastic to be able to offer Virus water based products to our customers  for its wide range of standard inks as well as for the special effects.” 
Lukasz confirms also the excellence of the colour separation service:  "With the new service  4YOU, we can complete the proposal by offering four colour separations specifically designed for the features of  Hydra Process inks". A great satisfaction!

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