Richard Greaves, renowned pundit in the textile screen printing industry, answers to the questions of Scott Fresener in the weekly program broadcasted on the facebook channel T-Biz Network.
Hereby follow the main passages of the 21st September 2017 broadcast.

“Virus is an ink and chemical Company from Italy that has perhaps the best designs at trade shows that I have seen in years.”

During the debate they talk a lot about water-based inks and Virus Company that has recently presented to the American market the innovation of wet on wet printing with the new WOW® technology, in a 3 days event at M&R headquarters in Roselle, ILLINOIS.

“It was a terrific event, there were lots and lots of people; the Virus people set up three designs each day.”

Graves explains how Virus technicians heavily tested the new inks with live “wet on wet” printings involving many printers and gurus of the printing industry attending the event.
3 different images were printed every day to show that it’s possible to print wet on wet with any printing technique: CMYK color process, vector print and simulated process.

“What was fascinating is that they were able to actually create a no build up ink.”

During the event it has been shown that it’s possible to print even 8 colors in a row without using any flash unit in between with a constant perfect result, avoiding the inconvenient build up that occurs on the screen with other water based inks.
WOW® technology implies substantial benefits in terms of less energy consumption, reduced down time and better productivity.

“If you go on Youtube it has got dozens of videos, they are all worthwhile, all are interesting”

Richard Greaves suggests to visit Virus Youtube channel where you’ll be able to find many interesting videos and printing demonstration performed with our inks.
Furthermore Greaves talked about a video that Virus published on its social channels some days ago where it was shown a printing demo of a wet on wet vector 8 colors printing. The video describes the whole printing process with the new WOW® inks but it had a mounting cut due to shooting needs that some people used to drop a hint to the real effectiveness of the new products.
Virus has promptly replied publishing a new video without cut in the sequence that get rids of any kind of doubts (click here for new video).

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