Rich Hoffman, CEO of M&R Printing Equipment, doesn’t need any kind of introduction for anybody working in the printing field; in fact his farsightedness has been definitively a guiding light for several printers who are building their future.

We recently had the chance to stop and listen once again to Rich Hoffman vision from Fespa 2015, about what it takes for a printing shop to maintain a  high profile and keep up with the needs of the market introducing new technologies able to make production faster and more profitable.

In his speech Rich expresses a smart vision of the industrial reality able to scatter all screen printers concerns towards digital technology showing all the potential this extraordinary technology can offer when combined with the silk-screen printing one.   

The list of digital solutions offered by M&R already represents a huge potential in terms of quality, high definition, production increment, energy saving, costs reduction and respect for the environment.

Virus has always believed in this kind of intelligent innovation that not only aims at creating competitiveness between technologies but rather at taking advantage of the specific potential of them both in order to offer a wider choice  to the users in accordance with their professionality and the always more demanding expectation of the market.

It’s no surprise that Rich Hoffman in his speech brings up the printings shown at Virus booth in Colonia made following our 4YOU system (four color process):

"If you look at the prints on their wall, the prints are very representative of an excellent digital print, yet, they are screen prints ... and they are done not on 20 color process, 30 color process but 6 color process…” 

The prints shown confirm a perfect syntony of intents and are the extraordinary example of quality and definition managed by digital technology.
Our 4YOU system combine to the use of efficient machineries allows to drastically increase productivity, reduce costs and energy waste, in the greatest respect of the environment.

4YOU is a system based on a thoughtful 4 color separation (online service) and the use of  ready to use colors (HYDRA PROCESS / PROCESS HC) that avoid long colors formulations and connected waste.
This allows to manage dark bases, brightness and tridimensionality of the image, to save many screens, flash units and energy.

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