MAKE PRINT EASY: the customized event for textile screen printing rebels.

Virus® is a non conventional Company that has always been engaged in the search for sustainable solutions able to simplify and optimize the daily job of the textile screen printer, also the “manual” one who doesn’t want to give up on quality. 
Applicative simplicity to give more space to your inspiration and to guarantee performances in favor of your competitiveness and recognition of your abilities!

If you are a textile screen printing rebel as well, we want you with us! To change the future, together.
Book your place and participate in an event at very high rate of interaction. 
You’ll have the chance to “get hands on with the ink” on a manual printing machine experimenting several simple, easy to perform printing techniques with us.

Follow this link to receive a free floor pass to the Impressions Expo. When prompted, enter the code MRCOMP to receive your pass.
We are looking forward to seeing you at M&R booth!

 “The future belongs to the rebels, to who has the courage to change things. Revolutionaries that, with their unconventional glance, have always been history changers.”

Impression Expo
Long Beach CA
January 17-19, 2020
booth #1501

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