The future is in the plurality of the markets  and their  economic, cultural and social balance.
Globalization, a phenomenon that in last 20 years has been through a fast acceleration  able to modify the structure of the worldwide economy.
The information technology, that has been growing  at the same pace, gave life to an extraordinary  development of possible relationships  creating  the opportunity to  share culture and expand knowledge.  

Globalization:  an extraordinary  development of possible relationships; the opportunity  to share culture and expand knowledge. 

Textile printing, generally speaking, hasn’t been able to roll with the changes.
It has often been stuck in nostalgic positions which are  entrepreneurly anachronistic. The sector saw in the developing countries an “ invincible”  competitor and faced it by unsuitable means. Price cutting brought to a lower quality of products, technology and services, impoverishing, de facto,  screen printing and its operators.  

VIRUS has proposed all along change as the successful key of  the new competitive challenge.
It exhorts the printer to be aware of changes instead of being afraid of them. It exhorts him to watch beyond his area of competence to enrich himself of "chances" that widen his strategic choices. As opposed to the politics of "increasingly lower" price, carries on high specialization, result of constant update and endless curiosity.  

Change : from increasingly lower price to value added specialization.
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