Stardust on catwalks.
All kind of face powder shades and a selection of precious fabrics: powder colours are enriched by pearly light for delicately elegant sophisticated total look. Silky velvet, fluctuating chiffon, romantic tulle, pure white wool and, moreover, satin, viscose, shearling, flannel and cashmere: the universe of fabrics is sprinkled with discreet iridescences . A chic light that seems to come from the sky… is it stardust?

Iridescent inks : elegance in range of t-shirts.

Stardust on textile screen printing.
The pearly effect enlightens the most neutral colours, enhances pastel shades, strengthen strong colours, enlightens clear fabrics and dark bases. It's not by chance that impassioned fashion and sport-wear, transforming even the most simple t-shirt into an elegant item of clothing. For this reason as well, textile screen printing has invested in research of products and applicative techniques to meet the increasing request of refinement in water based inks printing.

HYDRA PEARL BASE: opaque and pigmentable for endless iridescences.

HYDRA PEARL BASE: the illuminated universe of Virus.
An opaque base that allows the pearly effect even on dark fabrics, Hydra Pearl Base can be pigmented as any other base while guarantees an endless range of pearly colours and new application fields. With smooth and shiny finishing Hydra Pearl Base is extraordinary soft as well. When heat pressed gives its best, empowering the applications opportunities.
A very appreciated water based ink that has many chances to amaze with its results. 

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