Sparkling, shining. The new elegance is metallic.
With metal fabrics the lexicon of fashion becomes luxurious. Gold and silver as well as bronze and platinum cross pure colours and transgress the evening black with cuts of unexpected light.
Energetic cocktail of great impact, the metallic look contaminates the rock and sporty ones to dress urban tribes where the neat lines of different styles fades.

VIRUS: golden perspectives. 

Sparkling, shining. New energy to textile screen printing.
Sweatshirts and t-shirts become posters with energetic signs and jewel colours. Printings become more daring and the palettes more sophisticated : among gun-metal grey, bronze, yellow and pink gold, pure silver and unbreakable stainless, textile screen printing finds new possibilities of specialization.

HYDRA CLEAR FOR METALLIC: metallic specializations.

Sparkling, shining, soft. HYDRA CLEAR FOR METALLIC.
Designed for bright wearabilities, Hydra Clear for Metallic is the base developed by Virus Laboratories to permit all qualified textile screen printers to realize jewel prints through the dispersion of metallic particles of pigment  in them. Transparent and intangible, guarantees a high concentration of metallic powders and great softness to the print at the same time. 

HYDRA CLEAR FOR METALLIC: refined professionalism.

Sparkling, shining, refined. HYDRA CLEAR FOR METALLIC.
For many but not for all, Hydra Clear for Metallic is the versatile base that can be used as underbase for mirror-like reflexes or hot-pressed to imprint a greater reflective power.
The metallic powders, very refined, permit exclusive details: very fine tracts, perfect profiles and soft shades for a high professionalism.

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