ISS 2016: Where there is water there is life, where there is Virus there is future.

The will to be there.

The shows aren’t anymore occasions of negotiations and business driven by enthusiasm for the latest products. Nowadays the big events of textile screen printing are opportunities to meet and compare oneself to others and  Virus doesn’t want to miss those chances.
This year ISS Long Beach has also been a great sensor of the concern and buzz that announce big changes in the sector.

Positive attitude.

We’ll see soon what’s going on. For sure the “latest news” are not longer enough to do business; even less are the low cost policies implemented  “no matter what”  as  answer to the more and more demanding requests of the market.
This year, once again, Virus proposes its own vision of the future and, also this year, its booth catches the interest and the attention of an increasing  number of visitors.

The play of simplicity.

Visitors who would like to understand where the market is going, who are looking for new technological opportunities, who appreciates the quality of our printings and, even more, the  simplicity of their realization, that’s what was "played out" at Virus booth.
Galactic printing live, technologies and inks that meet the new quality standards with their simple and effective procedures.

The good news .

Virus has landed in America.
Whereas it doesn’t aim to occupy new spaces, it looks for a direct comparison  with a market that has got a lot to give to the textile printing sector and as much to ask.
VIRUS USA is a new entrepreneurial reality that combines the efficiency of the American distribution to the Italian research and manufacturing excellence.
With an Head office and American staff in charge in Miami, deposit and logistic in New York, Virus is really changing.

The real change.

A news that made a fuss in the show attracting new prestigious Dealer at the booth. For Virus inks being in USA means: more competitiveness, better training and technical  assistance for its customers, fast goods availability, maximization of orders.
The Italian  development and research laboratory will be able to transform the American real market needs into customized solutions. The internal production will make possible the creation of dedicated formulas and increasingly focused performances.

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