ISS 2015: Virus is creating a stir!
And it’s happening through two important witnesses of textile screen printing: Scott Fresener and Richard Greaves.

Scott Fresener, Managing Director of T-Biz Network, he has earn a reputation in the textile screen printing sector for his talent in discovering, among so many news, the real innovations of the sector.  

Everybody knows Richard Greaves: his “54 variables of screen printing”, 1995, has been a technical point of reference for the entire screen printing and much more. 
Worldwide acknowledge professional, Greaves has received many awards and recognitions from the sector and he is considered an icon of Textile Screen Printing. 

Many are the subjects about ISS Imprinted Sportswear Show dealt with in the debate: technical in-depth analysis, new products, opinions.  
Specifically, the discussion in focused on water based technology, a current, highly relevant  topic due to the more and more strict chemical restrictions imposed by the brands.   

In this contest Virus is not miss: Richard Greaves is captivated by its amazing print quality achievable as well as by its outstanding print softness.
Let's hear what he says... 

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