The Portuguese magazine IG – a revista do mundo grafico, in the June  2019 edition  analyses the future of textile screen printing by interviewing Beppe Quaglia, President and CEO of Virus® Italy and Paulo Vaz, Managing Director of ATV-Textile Clothing Association of Portugal.

The expectations in this sector are keep growing. The major brands of clothing industry demand the best in terms of quality, eco sustainability and aesthetical research in a market that accelerates the consumption of the clothing items imposing a more frequent renewal of the proposals.
The future of textile screen printing goes through a new mindset, escaping from the trap of the low price: quality, differentiation and services are the solution. 

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Paulo Vaz (Managing Director of ATV-Textile Clothing Association of Portugal) on the 25th at RuyDeLacerda Technical Seminar held recently at CITEVE-Textile Technology Center, said that the Portuguese Textile Industry is today recognized as a "new trends creator" with the brand Made in Portugal "adding value", presenting a detailed analysis for the sector where the bet for the next decade will be to keep the winning spirit of Portuguese Textile industry as a "Cluster" of the utmost importance for a new industry dynamic tradition, quality, flexibility and with fast responses, "running away from low prices" (where we have plenty of competitors) to a culture of sustainable products, in technical and functional textiles, home textiles and by designs differentiation on textile-fashion with a vision.

Aims achievable by investing in: people (education, training and entrepreneurship), technology (new materials and products, industrial diversification, industry with innovative technologies in automation), internationalization  (increasing exports with value-added products, diversifying destinations and image to enhance the value of the label "Made in Portugal").
Following the logic that "small is beautiful", Paulo Vaz believes that "we must have an ambitious goal: to be world leaders for the next decade in niche products with high added value!"

Change of Mindset: 
Beppe Quaglia is the President & CEO of Quaglia srl Italy, a leader in knowledge of image processing, color management, stencil making, focus on training practice held at his industrial training center in Bergamo and worldwide such as recently in Chicago where successfully took place the "VIRUS Certified Water-Based Mastery". He is also the manufacturer of water based premium environmentally friendly inks of differentiating quality oriented to low consumptions of ink and energy. 

Future goes through a change of mentalities, betting on quality, differentiation and services! 

For Quaglia as well the future goes through a "change of mentality", a new mindset towards  "differentiating qualities" and "services" since saving and low consumption don’t necessarily mean low price, a wager that requires more imagination. VIRUS, in fact, is positioned to be a driving force, integrating the development and awareness of production cost / margin as well as the industry advances without PVC, DTG (direct printing on garment) and Hybrid Digital textile printing).

Innovation, implementation of new ideas creating dynamic products or improving existing services and collaboration simply achieved by teamwork in order to reach a higher level. A world free of PVC and Digital developments where we are still at the stage of childhood with our global brand partners actively requesting tools to take advantage of the new market trends and development; a bridge to innovation and to your improved  production! 

What's going on and what to do in the world of Textile-Fashion.

The eco-sustainable revolution was defined as "a clear paradigm shift" which led many informed people to the surprise! The speed of e-commerce is more geared towards the "fast fashion" that accelerates consumption and aims at the ability to produce small batches in the short term. 

The renewal of the proposal in products and machines will have to ensure the best performances of manufacturing and flexibility. The concept of low price will disappear in favor of cost control and cost reduction. 

New application techniques, consumption control, used energy reduction, will become a concrete reality while supported by quality and competencies. The new scenarios are not only creating cultural and social effects but they will have a great impact on the production chain as well. We will be pushed more and more to reduce production and delivery times even on smaller orders. Designs complexity and photographic images today are part of the garment decoration but also monochrome prints and prints with fewer colors will require market creativity to find high impact solutions. 

The executive role of Screen Printier will be transformed into "planning partners" for clothing customization on a narrow, effective, determined and with innovative manufacturing logic. Sustainability, versatility, fast production and continuous experimentation can be supported only by a great mastery of Textile Screen Printing techniques and the use of high-performance water-based inks, concluded Beppe Quaglia.

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