Staying in step with the variable mood of the Garment Decoration sector means continuosly finding innovative solutions.

Virus has always been looking for solutions able to satisfy the most demanding requests of the market concerning multifunctionality. Water based ecological inks of outstanding performances and simplified procedures.

HYDRA SUEDE BASE E: only one product, two different effects. 

HYDRA SUEDEBASE E: the SUEDE effect or the three dimensional PUFFY feature in one ink.
Warm, sophisticated, polyvalent, HYDRA SUEDE BASE E is the new Virus proposal that guarantees several results with one product: when printed at 62 threads/cm mesh count (up to 90 mesh count) the result is a soft suede effect. When printed at 32 threads/cm mesh count (up to 48 mesh count) allows obtaining over-printable three dimensional puffiness.

HYDRA SUEDE BASE E: the “thick” effect in handy for everybody.

HYDRA SUEDE BASE E: controlled over-printable puffiness.
More intriguing results are achievable thanks to the controlled expansion of Hydra Suede during the curing phase (PUFF).
HYDRA SUEDE BASE E is over printable with Virus inks but it’s also suitable for foil and flock adhesive for a three dimensional effect very similar to the thick printing but much more simple to perform.

Discover more on HYDRA SUEDE BASE E and the wide range of Virus water based inks!

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