Virus water based inks are perhaps more expensive but surely they cost less.
Is it a new advertising slogan?
No, it isn’t. It’s a new approach to the actual needs of the sector: solving the real operating issues of the textile printer ensuring the productivity of its enterprise it’s Virus mission.
Coverage,  definition and smoothness but also reduced consumption and manufacturing energy saving  for a performance not comparable.

Virus water based inks are perhaps more expensive but surely they cost less!
Impossible, but true! Find out how with us!

Who hasn't bought an ink only because  “with the best price/quality ratio”?
It's the most common reassurance and not only in textile printing;  a  “false value” now, precisely because all inks manufacturing companies boast of it and if it's about water based inks, they do it even more.
Why? Why is it thought that the concept  “quality of ink” couldn't be measured?

Let’s face the truth: quality and price are measurable only by having acquired experience and knowledge of the profession. 
Especially in this sector where the print doesn’t only have to be nice but smooth and resistant as well, the understanding of the technical requirements of a “ good print” it’s an amazing tool to support the sensitivity of a good textile printer.
An add to his artistic  nature and vocation for beauty but also a the leverage for success in controlling ink consumption, performance and productivity of his enterprise. 

The control of the factors that intervene in the printing process it’s essential to achieve the desired result.
The awareness of any technical choice ensures the best productivity.

High quality ink allows printing using  higher mesh counts  reducing more than 50% ink consumption.

The quality of the ink is the first requirement for a perfect result and maximum productivity.
A high quality ink permits to print  excellently even by using higher mesh counts reducing more than 50% ink consumption, cutting costs greatly this way.

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