How many printing variables are there?
Or better, how many things might happen during the whole printing process? How many factors are to be kept under control to rule the result and, above all, make it repeatable to the advantage  of the operator and the entrepreneur's serenity?

How many possible results should we expect if we didn't check the several factors that took part in the printing process?
Each variable involves an exponential number of results. Among those many are good but at least the same number is bad. To reduce unwanted results is needed to reduce the possibilities of making mistakes by drastically reducing the variables.

Among the many possible results, some will be good but at least the same number will be unwanted.

How can the result be ruled?
By planning the printing process considering every single detail. A veritable project of quality and productivity that not only controls all  factors of the process but manages them with the mastery of the craft. Even with only one variable, in fact, 2 results are supposed to come up: one good and one bad. Which one will be ours depends on the competence and experience we stand out for.

1 variable = 2 results : 1 good and 1 bad.
Competence and experience allow us to choose!

Virus, the experimentation that allows to achieve great results standardised and repeatable.
In Virus water based inks there's all the experience of the internal development and research laboratory. Experimentation to optimize the product and codified procedures to support the printer during each phase of his job. Assistance and training to standardize the printing process and parametrize the results.

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