When a training hogs the limelight!
13th –14th  March: Holland and Belgium guest of Virus.

2 days of technical workshop shared by expert and competent textile printers.

2 days of engaging training!
A real team work with the Belgian Distributor Mr. Ronald Van Kelt - PC Technologies – that saw on Bergamo field its best printers of Holland and Belgium.
Professionals keen on technical knowledge, innovation, perspectives for the future.

A match between price and cost. Referee : quality.
Champions in their sector, Holland and Belagian printers put into play Virus water based inks versus their daily adversary: consumptions.
High content of research, extreme refinement of formulas, great definition and detail performances, easy printability through high mesh counts: Virus inks quality cuts down consumptions reducing costs.

A challenge between past and future. Referee: eco-sustainability.
Not a foregone conclusion given the historycal advantage of Plastisol that has been dominating the “easy, convenient, flexible” textile printing market for 40 years.

Competion it's won by foresight: once abolished phtalates and pvc, what future will Plastisol have?
Yet again, Virus with its message of  “quality on skin” and enviromental respect wins passing the most strict eco-friendly international tests.

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