The politics of "increasingly  lower" price has deprived the rich countries of  prospects raising unemployment and unproductiveness. At the same time has made even poorer the developing countries  while the power slipped from the hands of the States into the ones of the Multinationals that surely don’t have as main interest the defense of the human rights worldwide.

Textile printing: capitalize excellence to keep a high contractual power.

The "non conventional alternative" is the politics of research and development of "solutions" to problems connected with the printing process, improving the result and the Enterprise profitability.
Reduction of downtime, consumption and waste in favor of quality, softness and eco-sustainability. An alternative  only  accessible  in the presence  of the willingness to call into question  its own knowledge and certainties acquired  from experience. An attitude that opens to new qualitative solutions able to recover costs, guarantee competitiveness and marginality to the final product together with appreciation and customer loyalty .

Make a change and be open to comparison and sharing is the only hope for the future.
Textile printing must perform its small and yet essential role.
For instance by capitalizing  excellence instead of slowing down the productive hemorrhage. 
Italy, with its heritage of creativity, style as well as technology, has the potentiality to be the research and development laboratory as well as the favorite consultant of brands and stylists.
A patrimony of inventiveness and thinking to develop products techniques and technology able to fulfill the  new needs and keep a high contractual power all over the world.

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