GEO REFLEX represent the most innovative ready to use, eco-friendly  “reflective” inks for screen printing containing highly reflecting microspheres.

The feature of reflective inks is to reflect a source of light in the same direction it comes from, making the printed areas particularly visible in the dark. Forget dull grays under the sun light! Even when the ink is a technical tool, Virus research and development laboratories deepen the added aesthetic value to widen its application.

GEO REFLEX CLEAR: the transparent  reflective for overprinting.

GEO REFLEX CLEAR is the water based reflecting ink designed to create refractive effects over your prints without compromising the shade of the underlying colors.  
Overprinted on top of your graphics and drawings is able to light every color.

From Virus innovation arise SILVER E SILVER SPARKLE solutions.

We have added beauty and fantasy to the technical inks “par excellence” creating room  to decoration creativity in the clothing field .
GEO REFLEX in its SILVER version combines the reflective effect to a refined metallic finishing, while in its SILVER SPARKLE version shows a diamond-cut  shining finishing .
Both Silver & Silver Sparkle versions are pigmentable with Aquatint to get multicolor reflective effects printable on both clear and dark garments .

GEO REFLEX:  certified performances.

The water based reflective inks by Virus have in common the excellent cohesion to fabrics and keep their reflective performances even after several washings.

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