The printing of white on dark garment has always been full of hidden dangers.
Too often the final result doesn’t fully satisfy the expectation of printers and the customers. Printings that are too thick and rough, dirty outlines or images poorly defined.
To obtain a perfect white on black print, the use of the right ink combined with the right procedure is vital.

A new white ink meets the needs of modern screen printer.

GEO PREVIEW WHITE is the new Virus® water based ink developed to satisfy the needs of the modern printer who asks for a product of outstanding quality, versatile and easy to use.
Preview White is the total white for cotton suitable for any kind of printing even pricewise!

Preview White is suitable for every kind of printing on cotton.

GEO PREVIEW WHITE has been formulated for printings on cotton where it shows a great coverage even on the darkest garments.
Printable up to 100 tpc (254 tpi) meshcount, Preview White gives smooth soft touch printings, easily overprintable; supports colors ensuring bright defined shades as well as delicate transparences and a great washing resistance.

Preview White: highly performing even pricewise.

GEO PREVIEW WHITE is an extremely performing ink suitable for both manual and automatic printing with advanced machines.
Very stable in the screen guarantees a smooth production in any environmental conditions avoiding the inconvenience of “down time”.   
Geo Preview White meets the strictest ecological requirements: PVC, Phtalate, formaldehyde and heavy metal free, can be classified Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1.

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