Getting rid of clichès by keeping expressive impact and spectacular nature: Virus commitment to innovation generates  new application possibilities.
The color shifting effect creates the perception of  different shades that vary upon the angle of observation merging intense colors and delicate tints.  Perfect for both fashion and sport-wear applicationsGEO AQUAPEARL witnesses the ongoing research of Virus in terms of innovative ecological products and simplified applicable procedures aimed to satisfy the increasing demand of water based printing.

Geo Aquapearl: color shifting effect for any kind of fabric.

Geo Aquapearl is the color shifting ecological ink of great visual impact that changes colors turning into nuances with variable reflexes that match any kind of tonality. 
The application procedure of GEO AQUAPEARL allows to obtain a “color changing” effect on every kind of fabric: natural, synthetic white or colored. 
The new nuances keep all features that characterize the range assuring a smooth, semi-shiny finishing, soft to the touch.
When heat pressed gets the extremely shiny reflective look typical of foils.  

Discover the brand new nuances of Geo Aquapearl.

Already very much appreciated for its aesthetic impact and for its ecological and durability standards, GEO AQUAPEARL displays all its potential with a renewed range of colors that keeps on astonishing.
Discover all the new Aquapearl nuances: Etrurian, Sapphire, Wine, Olive, Abyss, Navy Plum, Cytron, Red and Triblend. CLICK HERE

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