Warm and sophisticated. Velvet is back as catwalks protagonist. 
The flat version is the most loved for the sweetness of its touch and the softness of the light that goes through the moving shapes. Coloured in tones taken from the interior décor – black, brown, burgundy, grey, purple, powder pink, mauve and white – velvet goes from a comfortable and relaxed daywear to a sophisticated eveningwear enriched by precious applications and intriguing thick effects. 

Velvet looks for a partner to achieve astonished results together.

Warm, sophisticated, multi-purpose: different water based ink wanted.
For the textile screen printing, keeping up with the changeable fashion moods means to always look for new solutions and, once they are found, to go beyond them. The most demanding markets ask for multifunctional products to simplify the procedures and streamline stocks.

HYDRA SUEDE/PUFF: only one product, many effects.

HYDRA SUEDE/PUFF: warm, sophisticated, multi-purpose.
Once again  Virus looks for answers able to satisfy even the most demanding requests.
Hydra Suede/Puff  is the water based  ink that, with only one product, guarantees several results: the velvet soft and smooth texture, suede, and the three-dimensional consistency of the bulgy sponge, puff, are the two basic effects.

HYDRA SUEDE/PUFF: “ thickness” effect suitable for all.

HYDRA SUEDE/PUFF: controlled over-printable puffiness.
Different and more intriguing results are achieved thanks to the controlled expansion of  Hydra Suede/Puff that allows calibrated puffiness as well as  a 3D multicoloured effect.
Hydra Suede/Puff is over-printable with different colours but also with adhesive foil  and flock for a three-dimensional effect very similar to the thick 3D printing but much simpler. 

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