The new fashion trends love the opposites, live on contrasts.
Plastic neoprene and  very fine silk for dynamic combinations of consistencies. Heavy weights for overcoats and feather-weight of tulle and  organza for cocktail dresses. Shiny nylons and matt  nappa leathers for the urban duets of an elegance inspired by the sportswear.

HYDRA FIRST WHITE: bright colours and delicate transparencies.

The new generation of inks is not afraid of contrasts, it looks for them.  Bright colours and pastel colours, lightness and transparency, shimmer and opacity, all harmoniously laid on a “white” soft touch bed.
HYDRA FIRST WHITE is a smooth and soft overprintable white that sustains colours ensuring decisive and bright tones as well as water-coloured delicate transparencies.

HYDRA FIRST WHITE: the soft -touch  white.

The new generation of textile screen printers doesn’t look for conflicts, it harmonizes them.
Flat and even but soft and velvety at the same time HYDRA FIRST WHITE is an advanced  white that allows printing up to 77 meshes with a great screen stability. No clogging effect for at least two hours and great consumptions saving. Fast dry for  greater productivity and energy costs control. Quality and absolute reliability to facilitate the fusion between the base and the overprinted colours to satisfy the artist and the entrepreneur who live together in the textile screen printer soul.

HYDRA FIRST WHITE: the white printable  at  77 meshes.
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