“Virus has been up to Fespa 2015 expectations. 
Besides the coming and going, Virus has captured the interest of the sector addressing differently the approach of printers of any size and experience.”  

“For sure we are growing. We are growing a lot.
Only 4 years ago few people knew who Virus was… this year the stand has been a pole of spontaneous and sincere curiosity!”

“Curiosity but real interest as well.
Our stands are always a meeting point where visitors stop certain to find something new and above all, innovative. Everybody came but many passed by several times to watch and see again, deepen more, get to know us better.”  

Printings played their part.
For somebody they are beautiful but others acknowledge that Virus special effects are really outstanding, even the digital world was amazed at what the textile screen printing is capable of doing!”

Nice printings, great process.
Printing at the show has made accessible our concept of technician quality: method, planning, control of each phase for certain and always repeatable results. The majority of people thought we dealt with unthinkable prints with long and difficult printing processes.  Instead…"

The real revolution? Simplicity!
On the contrary I have realized how revolutionary could be a concept like 4 color printing: of course the result has been very much appreciated but people liked the simplicity of the process even more by watching the printing live.” 

“4YOU was born to make the approach to the 4 color printing easier.
The “color separation-training-inks kit” has reassured who would like to try the 4 color printing but believe he is not able to manage it.  

“I liked 4YOU as well since it represents a new approach to competition. 
The quality of the printing is not enough, consumption saving and production optimization are basic for the competitiveness in textile screen printing. 

"The assistance and the service has given added value to the product.
4YOU is an open door on Virus world: know how, continuous assistance and high performing inks are part of our genetic heritage."   

“Without quality nothing could be so simple.
15 years of research and tests to achieve Virus Inks performances proved right the technological choice of proposing water base inks and confirmed  the believe that if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly.”

Price is still too often an issue for  users.
It’ s very important  that users understand the difference between price and cost; our offer is not only ink, there’s a lot more." 

“Training is the key factor. 
During our seminars we don’t talk only about technic;  Virus inks have the experience of the whole textile printing process including how to cut down consumptions; thus the optimization of phases and  the profitability of business that allows competition are achievable." 

Our ethical value are perceived and make a difference.
We have to work a lot also on our ecological mission but, generally speaking, the difference between us and low cost competitors is in our professional values such as  performance and competitiveness and ethical values such as proposing solutions and this is obvious and highly appreciated." 

Many partnership requests.
We have to do a lot more but I believe that Fespa 2015 confirms we have taken the right direction; many distributors that during the five days of the show have asked for the distribution of Virus products and want to cooperate with us immediately."

“Always very appreciated the Italian taste, cordiality and refinement: we have talked a lot about different subjects exchanging ideas and opinions.”

Diego: Management and Administration
Beppe: Marketing strategy, R&D
Laura:  International Sales and Marketing Management.
Omar: Printing Lab Technician,  R&D
Monica: Customer Relation Management
Paolo: Sale Manager EU
Gastone: International Technician

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