Allure sporty or sport fashion?
Enveloping, stretch, dry-fit, thermal- regulators, transpiring and even with
UV filters: the new fabrics dress daily fashion with hints of sport conferring it wearability, comfort, efficiency and high sensuous features.
Graphic printing that draw the body, unisex brit patterns, ultra-feminine flowers and buds, nostalgic liberty themes and, why not, amazing patchwork made of everything (and more).

HYDRA ELASTIC WHITE: the stretching white.

Textile printing becomes stretching.
The challenge is "elastic": what is needed is a smooth and soft white that supports fluo colours as well as the most delicate flowery watercolours. An overprintable white able to express opaqueness and brightness, to enhance material and chromatic contrasts giving neat details at high definition.

HYDRA ELASTIC WHITE: the white printable up to 77 meshes.

HYDRA ELASTIC WHITE: the new wearability.
Virus laboratories have formulated the "wearable" ink: HYDRA ELASTIC WHITE is the white printable up to 77 meshes that reduces the quantity of ink to guarantee softness and an extraordinary elastic printing. Perfect details, neat painted surfaces, chromatic contrasts, glossy and matt optical alchemies with the greatest technical flexibility; HYDRA ELASTIC WHITE doesn't clog the screen and dries fast ensuring safeness and high productivity throughout the printing process. 

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