Virus introduces the evolution of electrostatic Flock for high performances and controlled applicative procedures dedicated to  whom doesn’t want to renounce to the spectacular nature of the flock effect in screen printing.
ELECTROSTATIC FLOCK ADHESIVE E when printed on fabrics creates a flexible adhesive film able to grant the greatest bond to the fibers together with extraordinary softness and elasticity.

Soft, velvety, warm: the textile screen printing discovers the flock effect.

Consumers always look for newness to wear; the specialists of textile screen printing look for quality innovative products to amaze. That’s why flocking and its new potential have been rediscovered.
Textile fibers are attracted by the electrostatic strain of the adhesive film previously printed and they fix themselves vertically to the substratum creating the desired flock effect.
The extreme volatility of the fibers and the sensibility to humidity variations have motivated Virus in finding solutions for outstanding performances  and repeatable results.

HYDRA ELECTROSTATIC FLOCK ADHESIVE E: more malleable, controllable, trustable. 

Virus laboratories wanted to improve the already appreciated performances of Hydra Electrostatic Flock Adhesive to better control the many environmental changeable variables that influence this specific printing process. HYDRA ELECTROSTATIC FLOCK ADHESIVE E is the universal binder for Flock available in both Clear and  White versions that assure perfect applications characterize by unique details and intense shades.

HYDRA ELECTROSTATIC FLOCK ADHESIVE WHITE: the new proposal to grant intense bright colors. 

From Virus research comes the ecological adhesive for flocking applications improved for realizations on dark basis. Its white opaque color guarantees the best brightness even on the clearest fibers.
Let yourself be led by Virus experience. Flock has never been so easy!


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