Prêt à porter loves contemporary vintage.
Vintage as proposed nowadays by stylists has nothing to do with the past. "Squeezed waists" stolen from 50’s, spectacular 60’s graphics, 70’s full colours... Revival of styles reinterpreted with modern experimental spirit. 
Innovative fabrics and unrealised processes, mark the futuristic vintage of these days.

VINTAGE: futuristic experimentations.

Textile screen printing researches and develops new techniques and unrealised effects.
Is needed a special white that adds the shine of colours to the "crack" multisensorial pleasure so that each stylist could propose his distinctive palette.
Is needed a versatile ink that goes beyond rigidity as unique requirement for a great crack. New applicative techniques are needed to achieve unique results, repeatable and  standardizeable.

GEO MASTER CRACK: the "crack" that supports the colour.

Virus meets the new needs providing GEO MASTER CRACK.
Here it is! The overprint white that ensures a controlled multidirectional crack, soft touch and able to sustain colours to the best, even the sampling ones.
What’s the secret? Overcoming the rigidity through the control of the surface tension; during the curing phase, in fact, each ink layer creates a different tension allowing a natural crack, definitively softer and long lasting.

GEO MASTER CRACK: the test-proof  "crack" 

GEO MASTER CRACK is liked by the textile screen printer as well.
It’s appreciated  Geo Master Crack extreme productive flexibility able to "crack" in the dryer to get white cracks and under the flash unit to obtain cracks that sustain colours.
In both cases the induced thermic shock doesn’t need manual skills, all to the good of productivity.
Guaranteed aesthetic and endurance comfort the sector being put on strict probation by more and more severe tests. Environmentally Eco friendly because fashion looks back at the past to see the future. 

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