Shining, bright, precious . The new trend is Metallic!
Major Brands like more and more the metallic effect that contaminates modern urban tribes. All kind of garments becomes icons of style with seductive  graphics and precious decorations.
HYDRA CLEAR FOR METALLIC E is the Virus ecological proposal to perform very soft hand, high definition metallic printings.

Clear for Metallic E: new metallic perspectives.

HYDRA CLEAR FOR METALLIC E satisfies the increasing demand of newness by offering new potentialities to the textile screen printing sector thanks to the brand new metallic shades. The timeless Gold and Silver are flanked by the new exclusive Copper, Mercury, Cadmium, UraniumBrass and Titanium.
Today the textile screen printing sector has new ways to create imagination according to the most strict ecological restrictions in compliance with OEKO-TEX Class 1 standards.

Copper, Mercury, Cadium, Uranium, Brass and Titanium: the new shining nuances. 

Attractive, soft to the touch, the  new metallic colors have been designed to give decorative strength to your proposals.
The refined metallic powder mixed to the base specifically developed by our laboratories, add value to the result showing a perfect finishing, enviable softness and high washing resistance. 

Clear for Metallic E: refined professionality.

HYDRA CLEAR FOR METALLIC E is the versatile base that can be also used as underbase for your printings in order to get bright reflexes. When heat pressed  increases even more its reflective power.
Metallic powders, being so refined, allow to create superlative details: very thin lines, perfect outlines and soft shades for extremely high quality printings.


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