Open House - Fullerton, 2nd-3rd  May  2014.

Our new partner, SPR Screen Printer Resource, organized a 2 days open house at its offices in Fullerton, California.

The Technical Team welcomed us with the best organization and the greatest curiosity. Virus paid homage to both with an outstanding training seminar: theory to know,  practice to remember!

Two bigs of Virus family at the focal point of the exquisite care: HYDRA 120 and PERFETTO.

For printing on natural fabrics HYDRA 120 series surprised for its ability to support chromatisms, drawing and shades at its best. An high definition” series that showed its superior technology content in the great ease of use and the intangible softness of the printer. 

For printing on natural and synthetic fabrics, PERFETTO won over the audience for its ability to meet resistance and durability  requirements as well as  softness  and wearability  demanded by the international legislations.

The Team work appreciated the manageability of a water based ink with the ductilibility of plastisol.

Virus, on the other hand, has been intrigued by a market with such interesting perspectives and so original trends shared with textile screen printing operators really qualified. 

Many thanks to  SPR team for the  competent welcoming and the shared foresight.

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