SGIA EXPO 2017 in New Orleans where Virus participated in cooperation with M&R Companies has recently ended.
We hereby report the spur of the moment comments towards the end of the event of Virus President Beppe Quaglia.

“I’d really like to thank once again the friend Rich Hoffman and the entire M&R team for the great hospitality and cooperation.”

Virus participated at SGIA EXPO 2017 with a wide printing facility in the M&R stand where the technician of the Italian Company printed wet on wet for all the 3 days, showing the performances of the new water based inks with WOW® technology.

“The most important  players of the printing industry certainly didn’t want to miss the event.”

Beppe says that this year the number of visitors have been less compared to previous editions due to the hurricane forecasted to hit New Orleans the Sunday before SGIA; the air companies in fact informed travelers about possible delays and flight cancellations. Despite attendees were less than usual, the most important field’s experts in the printing industry (printers, dealers, professionals) didn’t want to miss the appointment with such an important event.

“Year after year the digital innovation combines with textile screen printing grows.”

The digital innovation combined with the textile screen printing is meant to grow. According to Beppe Quaglia, for instance, DTG technology is a hybrid system that will have a lot to say in the future providing it will overcome the huge limits that shows even nowadays in terms of performance and printing quality.

“I strongly believe that WOW® technology is one of the real big news at SGIA EXPO 2017.”

After a few months from the launch of the new water based WOW® inks for wet on wet printing, Beppe Quaglia expresses his satisfaction for the great interest shown by visitors for the outstanding job carried out by his Company. “They are still surprised they don’t see flash units mounted on the machines to flash colors in between.”
Many important Companies stood for long at the stand to watch the potential of WOW® inks and their typical incredulity soon turned into real interest and desire to test the product.

“It has been an exciting exhibition, very fruitful commercially wise as well.”

Many dealers coming from different countries considered the chance to distribute Virus products. About USA was sealed a distribution agreement with a new renowned dealer allowing us to cover the area even better. Virus will soon release more news about it. Also Canada will have a new Virus dealer.

“WOW® inks nowadays represent the greatest evolution of our mission!.”

When Beppe Quaglia thought about the first line of Virus water based inks at the beginning of the early 2000s, he wanted to give printers still faithful to Plastisol PVC free inks in compliance with strictest ecological certifications that would be stable in the screen even during intense production thanks to their “no-dry “ features.
Now and then Virus plays a key role in incrementing the competitiveness of the textile screen printing with products innovation, procedures and tools thought to simplify the printer’s daily job, to increase quality and productivity , cutting energy costs. 

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