Since 1973 the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies (ASDPT) confers an award to the most authoritative personalities who have contributed with great commitment and competence to the growth and the progress of the textile screen printing and digital printing.
The members of the Academy, considered the greatest experts in their fields, are authorized to draft technical documents, to perform training courses and trace guide lines for the development and the promotion of the industrial sector they belong to. 

Beppe Quaglia, President of Virus® Inks / Quaglia srl, is the first Italian who becomes member of this group and the only exponent of the entire International water based printing sector. An important acknowledgment for a visionary leader ahead of times who created and made the first water based ecological inks of new generation for textile screen printing in a market still ruled by plastisol.

With more than 40 years working in the industry, Beppe Quaglia has given a long term contribution to the textile screen printing thanks to the deep knowledge of printing and pre- printing under all their aspects and the constant commitment to look for innovative applicative technical solutions.

His most recent challenge has made possible the wet on wet printing performed with water based inks. 
A long job of research and development that involved the entire Company and culminated in March 2017 with the launch of the WOW® series, the first inks on the market for the wet on wet printing. 

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