Soft, blanketing and cocoon: fashion discovers the velvet touch and the physical consistency.
Smooth oversize tunics go together with comfortable pants made of soft and blanketing fabrics such as flannel, alpaca wool, felt and felt wood.  Relaxed  atmospheres and yet so dressy in their being comfortable to become a must-have of elegance. Oversize cloths for innovative volumes on silhouettes of great impact. Draperies, silk and mohair layers like flower petals. 


So polished, flock is for "connoisseurs". 

Physical, velvety, soft: textile screen printing discovers again the flock effect.
Even facing several difficulties, "haute couture" textile screen printing doesn’t renounce the spectacular nature of flock technique.
So sensitive to humidity and electrostatic energy but also so versatile in the printing process from manual to high technology, nowadays flock working counts on a wide range of fibres allowing very particular and refined results, undeniable for the specialists of the sector.

Specialists ask for high quality : HYDRA FLOCK ADHESIVE,

Malleable, dominated , trustable, reliable: HYDRA FLOCK ADHESIVE.
Virus laboratories challenge the textile screen printing uncertainty towards  flock printing by controlling the many environmental changeable variables that influence this particular printing procedure. Volatility of fibres, electrostaticity and  humidity  as well as  protection of operators and machineries  have motivated Virus research together with aesthetic result and its reproducibility. What is the solution, you might ask. The answer is right procedures and quality products: HYDRA FLOCK ADHESIVE. 



Detail, nuances, drawing, softness: HYDRA FLOCK ADHESIVE.
Flock fibres are  electrostatically attracted towards the areas previously printed using HYDRA ELECTROSTATIC FLOCK ADHESIVE, the perfect base for perpendicularity and depth of their cling.
The natural softness of flock is enhanced by the supreme chromatic and tactile contrasts giving amazing results. Uniqueness that only textile screen printing art can create and recreate.



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