Virus embraces the hybrid digital printing with a specific sophisticated range of ready to use products.

Virus® DIGI is the ecological water based range of inks to be used  specifically with the latest hybrid digital systems that require a screen-printed underbase for the digital overprint of colors.
DIGI range includes a white ink and a transparent, matt finish pre-digital ink; the latter’s can also be used as a protective clear top coat.
Only two products for a perfect combination that ensures the greatest printing performances, great quality and long lasting results on both cotton and polyester.  

DIGI WHITE: white matt ink for pre digital underbase on colored fabrics.

DIGI WHITE is a ready to use white matt ink extremely soft and elastic for pre digital underbase on colored fabrics.
Its exclusive formula makes it extremely versatile and suitable to perform wide under bases and print thin lines, fine details and half tones (for screens up to 100 mesh count).
For a greater brightness and color fastness it is recommended to apply a layer of transparent DIGI PRO on top of the white under base previously dried before proceeding with the digital printing on a base still wet.

DIGI PRO 1: pre digital underbase on white fabric and final top coat. 

DIGI PRO 1 is an advanced transparent ink that carries out a twofold function. 
Perfect also on its own as pre-digital underbase on white fabrics, ensures flexibility and softness to the final result.
Furthermore, used as a protective top coat enables to create a matt finish, flexible protection that increments the resistant to washing of the digital printing.

Virus leads the hybrid digital printing to a higher level.

Stand from the crowd with an astonishing quality of images and a fast reliable production.
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